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2020-2021 SEASON

Vocal Alchemy in 2020

In our 2020-21 season, Vocal Alchemy met weekly for a variety of mostly-virtual activities. While public health restrictions changed regularly throughout the year, the choir continued to rehearse music in a variety of ways, incorporating additional artistic & skill-based learning throughout the season.


Here's a sample of what our season looked like:

Hybrid rehearsals 

On a biweekly basis in Fall 2020, we met with a small group of singers, who rehearsed with our conductor and accompanist in person. This rehearsal was broadcast live via Zoom for the rest of the choir to sing along from home on "mute". With a careful setup of studio microphones and broadcasting in stereo sound, these rehearsals provided the experience of singing together and hearing all parts for the singers at home.

Sectional rehearsals 

Alternating with our hybrid rehearsals and continuing into the winter, the VA staff offered sectional rehearsals over Zoom, focused on learning and refining music. These rehearsals provided a simpler, more relaxed way of working with each section of the choir independently.

Focus on musicianship and skill building

This season has provided the opportunity to really focus on strengthening our musicianship. We periodically worked on ear-training and sight-singing, with tiered options depending on the skill level and comfort of each member. Vocal Alchemy members also received access to an online platform where they could practice their skills on their own time.


Enrichment sessions 

Throughout the season, Vocal Alchemy offered educational sessions both from VA staff and guest presenters on a variety of topics relating to choral singing.

Year-end video project

To close our season, Vocal Alchemy assembled a year-end video project. At the core of this video was a virtual choir rendition of Brian Tate's "We Are One" - each choir member recorded their own part from home, and all submissions were mixed together to create the final recording. The video also incorporated interviews & real life footage from choir members, illustrating the importance of choir in each of our lives.


2021 Video Project: We are One

Artistic Director Jordan Van Biert looks forward in 2021 (recorded April 2021)

Our love for singing brings us together, but Vocal Alchemy is not just a choir - we are a community.


2020-21 was a season of reimagining how we  meet, grow, learn, and sing together.

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