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The Choir

Vocal Alchemy was created by a group of experienced singers convinced that a welcoming attitude is compatible with making great choral music. Since our founding in 2002, we have experienced much change and growth. But we have never wavered in our conviction that singing together is transformative.

Vocal Alchemy holds no auditions, because we want to share that transformative power as widely as possible. We welcome singers of all ages and experience levels, from all walks of life, who share our dedication to learning and our desire to make beautiful music.

Artistic Director Jordan Van Biert guides the choir as it seeks to reach its full potential. Jordan’s deep knowledge of music, and of how humans learn to make music, allows him to provide an unmatched learning experience for the choir. He challenges us to learn new skills, and he fosters collaborations with other ensembles and soloists that help raise the choir to higher levels.

Our repertoire celebrates the abundance of the Western choral tradition, from the folk music of Canada to monuments of the classical period, and explores new avenues as well. Whatever we sing, our aim is always to delight our audience and grow as musicians.

sing. share. be inspired.

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Board of Directors

Larry Derkach, President

Jean Anderson, Vice President

Heather Budney, Secretary

Elaine Kendal

Anne Malena

Michael Pilgrim

Sandi Sherman

Al Dunbar, Past President

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